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Revealing Dreams in the Wee Morning Hours

Do you ever wake up too early in the morning and then eventually fall back to sleep where you have a very vivid dream? It's then a dream that sticks with you all day or even forever. I've had a handful of those dreams that I will always remember, and at times, draw upon them for strength. While in the murky waters of my breast cancer ordeal, I had several memorable ones. Some believe that early morning dreams are venting dreams where you dump what you don't need from your subconscious. And then there are those who believe that angels and guides visit you in your dreams to deliver an important message.

I believe it's possible that divine messages were delivered when I wasn't sure that I would live or find the endurance to keep going. It's comforting to think that someone is watching over us. In my book of personal essays, I include writing about two very significant early morning dreams. Today, I'm sharing an excerpt (dream at the beginning of the essay that sets the tone) to demonstrate how powerful the mind and spirit can be. The following dream occurred during one of my many post-surgery recoveries, and turned out to be quite telling. The message I received is that I am strong enough to get through anything. We are all stronger than we think. Wall of Water Sitting in the passenger seat, while my friend drove north on the 405 freeway, I looked straight ahead aware that the LA airport was on my left. I felt the clear, warm day as we whirled past slower cars. Suddenly, without a trace of warning, a Tsunami style wall of pacific blue water appeared directly in front of the car. As we hit that wall in freeway speed, it turned into a solid sapphire towering over us, and death would seem the only way out. It was a powerful force of water with a capacity to swallow you up as if you’re nothing; an ant on the busiest freeway in the country, if not the world. And then, just as the wall of water appeared higher than the eye could see, we drove right through it. And my first thought as we made it to the other side was, “well, we came through”. It was a near casual estimation of a death defying event - Unscathed on the other side of a tidal wave in life. I remember looking at my friend and there being a calm acknowledgement between us that we both had just survived the impossible. The initial fear hit hard for a mere few seconds; and then bam, we hit that wall of water, and in a few seconds more, continued our drive north on the freeway. The California sun was shining again, and when I turned to look behind us, the wall of water had disappeared.

Keep on swimming through life, Valerie

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