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Valerie is excited to announce her upcoming memoir,

Caution: Mermaid Crossing, Voyages of a Motherless Daughter
Distant shore mermaid MM.jpg

In her linked essay collection below, Valerie Anne navigates her motherless foundation through loss, abuse, love, health crises, Hollywood, affairs, and #metoo incidents by relying on her affinity for the sea to help discover her own indomitable spirit and sail through adversity into a world of ethereal beauty.


Valerie Anne Burns, As a writer and author, Valerie Anne will be one of the contributors with her essay, “Off God” from her book, Caution: Mermaid Crossing, Voyages of a Motherless Daughter for an anthology under the theme of Rituals published by Bell Press and in print November 2022. Also, in November 2022, “Gulfstream Awakening” from her book will be published in The Remnant Archive. The following essays form her book have also been published including “Flying Nighties” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times Won’t Last but Tough People Will, released November 2nd, 2021. She's had two essays published in HerStry Literary Magazine: “Venice Vision” in September 2020 and “Your Bed” May 2021. Libretto Magazine published “He’s on Top of the World and I’m Not” June 2021. In September 2021, she received a Finalist Award from Page Turner Awards in the category of manuscript submission. Valerie Anne was awarded scholarships to the 2019 Santa Barbara Writers Conference and the 2016 Prague Summer Writing Program. In addition, she was sponsored on a trip to Italy and The Dominican Republic for a breast cancer survivor retreat, where an essay from her book became a launching point for the workshop presented, “Living and Healing Through Color.” She traveled to Rome September 2022 for the same nonprofit where she blogged about her experience. She previously worked in Hollywood as a story editor and in production, as well as, having her own business as a makeover specialist for home décor and wardrobe.


Santa Barbara is home and the place where Valerie Anne has survived breast cancer. Being near the ocean brings out her “inner mermaid” and gives her the peace and clarity she needs to write, along with the strength and grace needed to mother herself through life’s stormiest weather.                                                                            


Click on the links below to see published essays from my book:

"Flaming Ottoman"- 01/23,

Sea to Sky Review

"Gulfstream Awakening" - 11/22​See contents to scroll to my essay, The Remnant Archive


"He's On Top of the World and I'm Not" - 6/21, Scroll to see my essay, Libretto

"Your Bed" - 5/21, HerStry


"Venice Vision"- 9/21




In Print:
book with glasses and mug.jpg

"Flying Nighties"

Published Nov 2021 in
Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Tough Times Won't Last
But Tough People Will.*

*Available at your local bookstore
or purchase or click on photo for link of book on Amazon. 
Story #81,

front cover Writing Through the Apocalypse.jpeg

"Off God"

Published Nov 2022 Rituals, an anthology of poetry & nonfiction*

*Available at Bell Press, local bookstores or click on photo for link of book on Amazon

"Amber Dawn"

Poem published Feb 2023 by Weeping Willow 

*Available at Barnes and Noble (select local bookstores)
or click on the photo to purchase on Amazon

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