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Color Workshop

Color Workshop

Presentation on the Healing Power of Color 

As a breast cancer survivor, it became important to find meaningful purpose not only through my writing, but by creating a workshop that utilizes my background in fashion/design and writing, which is how I created "Living and Healing Through Color". Color is powerful and magical. Color has known healing effects and each color provides different energy. Whether in your space, on your person, or simply gazing at it, there is a magnetic energy in the beauty of color. I have shared this workshop to survivors for the nonprofit, that sends breast cancer survivors on healing retreats. I've had the pleasure to share at their retreats in Tuscany, Italy and the Dominican Republic and the effect is quite positive.  

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”
    –Wassily Kandinsky


“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.”

    – Vincent Van Gogh

 I attended Valerie Anne's workshop for SMOV survivor retreat in the Dominican Dec 2021, which began with balancing and calming techniques that I've incorporated into my daily life along with the color, lilac. Valerie is an amazing speaker and writer. She is also articulate and has a beautiful soul. It was interesting to learn about the healing power of color. I highly recommend this workshop!
~Kellie Williams - Queen Creek, AZ

 Valerie’s workshop for SMOV was inspirational with practical steps and tips so each participant could implement in their lives. I'm using sunny yellow and aqua blue in my meditation and exercise space. Cancer makes you feel like you no longer have control over your body and this session made me feel like I was gaining some control back.

~Drinda Benge - Morrisville, NC

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