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Morning Ritual

It is ritual that grounds me; chasing away despair, stress, obsessive thoughts and concerns from the sphere of my heart and mind. Several years ago, realizing I can't have coffee on an empty stomach, I made a large mug of organic green/black tea combo first thing in the morning. Espresso comes later. It's been an official ritual ever since. I add raw, organic honey and a splash of organic cream and soy milk. I hold the hot mug with both hands and sit outside to observe the integral workings and birdsong orchestra of nature. When I close my eyes and fill my lungs with fresh air, I become open to the variety of birdsong and the busyness of nature. There is a world of activity that has nothing to do with me or my life, but a perfectly designed world extending from me doing its part to keep the planet spinning. I watch and listen carefully. I'm humbled by the truth of what a miracle is.

Every aspect of nature has a job to provide the nurturing we depend on. A ritual in nature feeds the soul, and starts the day on a good footing. Even during those times of the most excruciating recoveries with drains hanging out of me, knowing the nurse would show up mid-morning, I'd carry on. I'd carefully sit on the balcony chair, drains tucked away in the waistband of my Juicy pants, sip my delicious tea and behold the world around me. It deepened my trust that all would be well, especially when I experienced a magical friendship with hummingbirds. Trust grew from simply sitting with them, focusing on their beauty, eye contact and talking to them. Eventually, I extended my hand with the organic nectar and a visit from colorful hummies ensued. I could feel the hum of their fast wings resonate through my whole body. I opened to a healing vibration and connected to a divine creation. They are exemplary teachers of grace, survival, resilience, and trust.

As chilly mornings unfold, I'll sit outside bundled up. When the much needed gift of rain comes, I'll sit beneath an overhang on the deck and listen. Or on a very chilly, but sunny day, I take my tea outside and sit in a spot where the sun hits my back, and the cool breeze washes over my face. It helps me to wake up and move into the day no matter what lies ahead. Even if the positive residue of my morning ritual doesn't last, I know that tomorrow I'll be visiting it again - I'll breathe in the morning air and observe the exquisite miracles of nature connecting me to what is unmasked in its sacred truth. Keep on swimming through life, Valerie

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