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I'm Ready to Fly Away

It's time for a change. I'm ready to fly the coop. I have been working my tail off and find myself in a daze. I need a break and Rome (Europe in general) is calling to me. Not only overwhelm with work and projects, but in utter distress over the the circumstances in this country.

When I'm away, I won't have writing projects and chores I'm compelled to do. I will focus on embracing life in Italia. I will let go of my exercise and eating routine and take the attitude of, "When in Rome..." I will eat what I want, walk the cobblestone streets in comfortable shoes I where can navigate the uneven stone, and without a particular agenda past Rome, open up to possible adventures. I did this in 2019 and it worked out great. La Dolce Vita.

I don't care how corny it is, I will be tossing coin(s) in the Trevi Fountain for good fortune. Why not? I'm grateful for the opportunity to journey to Rome and grateful to receive whatever blessings may come my way for good health and happiness. Let me know and I'll toss a coin for you too!

I need a break and a change of scenery. I also need a departure and distraciton from the distressing aspects in this country where Democracy hangs in the balance. I make my calls to representatives and sign petitions. I am relieved for the historicat legislation passed by the Biden Administration to tackle climate crisis and hope it's only the beginning. I've been an activist for rights, the environment, and animals for decades and this last 7 years have been a dark regression instead of urgent progression. I need to leave behind the frustrating and ugly criminal action of wreaking havock that Trump and his cronies are hell-bent in contnuing to do shown daily in the news and soon, turn in the direction of the lovely light that luminates through the cities and regions of Rome.

Please follow me to Rome by subscribing and signing-up on my website. Sending love and light through this entire planet.

Keep on swimming through life,

Valerie Anne

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