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Differences, Division, United

It fascinates me to observe the differences in all of us. We human beings have two legs, two arms, bodies, brains, ears and eyes. What's seen in the eyes is an endless mystery. The differences in voice, personality, nature, and what's important to us can range to such a vast variance. I've observed people ever since I can remember. I'm curious by nature and am known for asking many questions because I'm truly interested in people. It includes long-time friends as well as the incredibly remarkable conversations I've had with strangers. Some people are uncomfortable with this, but it's often how I learn, contribute, and grow. It also opens doors in my writing.

Billions of us are walking the earth individually moving and maneuvering to our own drum beat. How can this be? Even as I write this at my coffee spot, I notice the idiosyncrasies of everyone around me. The gestures, laughter, and speech prove to be unique. One is showing her distinct personality and style by many tattoos, short hair and a masculine look. She has the sweetest nature with a broad white teeth smile and works harder than anyone. Another woman dressed for work is taking her lunch break with a designer cup of coffee. She's enjoying her quiet time. I notice a man casually dressed and perhaps on vacation in Santa Barbara who's adept at eating heartily while carrying on a lively conversation.

These few observations are a small frame of what can be noticed from the outside. Even more curious, are the treasures that lie deep within the recesses of the heart, mind, and spirit. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeve while others are highly skilled at hiding deeper emotions or possess an easy going persona. I envy and admire lighthearted natures. I have my days when I feel as if I'm more floating rather than being weighed down. But, not only do I have my own wounds like everyone else, but fail at hiding most of it. I also feel the hurts of the planet, and my mind and heart are often preoccupied with these thoughts. Through every enlightened path I've practiced, the absolute truth is the expression of love, and finding balance. I'm searching for balance on a daily basis.

The state of our country and who's running it has caused many of us to witness a severe imbalance to what is just. We stand up and speak out, fight for what we believe in. I wonder about those who support the policies and actions against middle and lower class America, the health of our planet, wildlife, etc. I think about it daily. I take action daily, but feel separated and, at times, alone in the process. We are so divided. How did we get to a place in history where we've gone backwards instead of leaders moving this country forward in a progressive fashion? What brought about the divided differences? In my entire life as a voter, citizen, and human being, I've never seen the country (world) in such an obvious dark time. I also believe it's brought out a notable uniting of people standing together for what they feel is right and has to change for the good of mankind. I've seen this at the marches. It's filled with folks standing as one, and it suffuses my heart with hope.

I contemplate how we carry our wounds. Traumatic imprints early in life can cause shadows. I think environment, parents, individual nature all play a part. I have a tendency to take on other's hurts and want to contribute to their healing. Maybe it's because I know what it's like to be both supported and alone. When I'm around someone I've grown fond of and see, sense, and feel armor around their heart, I want to take a chisel and break it apart. As I continually work at living life with an open heart, I want those who land in my life, to do the same. It's a cliche to mention that "life is short" in this writing piece. Lately, after an arduous journey that could've taken me beyond the oceans of this world, I truly feel within every cell of my being, that time sails as if in a perpetual strong wind you can't possibly stop. I'm no longer at an age where there's plenty of time to grasp those dreams and deep desires. I'm deeply aware that I'm closer to the 'short' in the old wise saying of, "life is short".

The rest of the years could be our best time of life whatever our age may be. Hopefully, people worldwide will come to an awakening to unite together for a more enlightened world during and after the current dark state of affairs.

Interestingly, I left the coffee spot after the above writing to have an unexpected 'united' experience on my beach power walk. The tide was out far enough to get on the beach and feel the cool water on my feet where my exercise mingled with sea air and a gorgeous temp and day. Ahead of me, I spotted a seal sitting on the shore and in the sand of the public beach. I was surprised. As I grew closer, I noticed several people standing at a respectful distance observing the seal. As I passed, I saw blood. I stopped, turned and joined the others. There was a man on his phone. He informed me that the blood was from the birth sack. I asked him if he was calling a rescue team. He thought I was a part of a rescue team because of my World Wildlife t-shirt. Another man came by and pulled out his wallet carrying the Marine Mammal Rescue number showing it to be sure the correct number was dialed.

We were concerned the mama seal was in distress. A message was left. There were about ten of us beginning at twenty-something to seventy-something. All differences, divisions and other concerns disappeared. We were focused and united in compassion. We were united in the beauty of nature. We were united in the goal to see the seal safely give birth to her baby so they could both swim free and happy at sea. I felt heartened by the kindness and united front. I continued my walk and when I made my U-turn to head back, the man who made the call told me the seal swam back out. She may have been scared by the people and beach activity. We both exchanged our shared hope that she swam back in the ocean because it was all part of her birthing process. I saw our seal friend just out past the waves and sent her love and blessings for well-being, as well as the gift of new life she was presenting to the sea and miraculous flow of mother earth.

Keep on swimming through life, Valerie

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