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Day 1 - Jet Lagged and Jubilant

From Santa Barbara to Roma via Barcelona was a 24-hour journey door-to-door. Some of this was due to the advice I received from Santa Barbara Airbus organizers to take the earlier one and be on the safe side. I don’t sleep on a plane so my exhaustion was and is blinding. I was never so happy (not to mention a sense of safety) to see a driver holding a sign with my name on it departing the Fumicino airport in Rome to give me a smooth ride to my hotel. A shower felt like heaven.

It would always be my suggestion to get up at a reasonable hour, have breakfast with a cappuccino and take a lengthy stroll to move the body and get some fresh air. As I was walking, I saw a Roman priest eating ice cream. I just had to sneak a photo. I walked as far as I could with low energy. Best to get on Roma time as soon as possible. I was eating a delicious lunch at 4:00 a.m. CA time. I was asked a couple times if it was just me and yes, I am solo in Roma and it's perfectly ok to be traveling on my own in Italy again.

I walked to the Basilica at the advice of the lovely hotel receptionist at Casa Vatican, Rossana and the owner, Tomasso greeted me like family. I felt so welcomed. I wandered into a few shops and bought plums from an open market.

As a breast cancer survivor and one who struggles with an immune disorder causing challenges with fatigue and pain, I persevere in life with the awareness and gratitude that life is precious, fragile, and filled with endless opportunity for adventure. It is my goal as a woman on her own (presently) to grasp every desirable sojoourn that comes my way. The desirable (dream-come-true) adventures granted by sendmeonvacation.otrg have been blessings indeed.

I will be in bed early tonight. Stay tuned for day 2 (my birthday) through day 7.

Keep on swimming through life,

Valerie Anne

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1 comentário

28 de set. de 2022

So glad you made it safely to Rome and are already taking in the sights and yummy Italian cuisine! Love the photo of the priest eating gelato👍


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